DFG (Dang F'in Good) Noodles brings a taste of Southeast Asia that is rare to the Austin food truck scene, touching upon Singaporean, Malaysian, Filipino, Indonesian, etc . With its variety of succulent, flavorful Southeast Asian noodles, DFG is sure to whet the appetites of noodle lovers. Each dish brings something special to the table, combining the freshest ingredients in a single bowl. In a sea of tacos and BBQ trucks, DFG’s cuisine provides savory meals, with a little something for everyone.


     Cheryl Chin, owner and chef at Damn F’in Good (DFG) Noodles, has always enjoyed that rare moment when people’s eyes roll back after taking the first bite of truly amazing food. During one particular eating experience when she was six years old, Chin’s father took her to a hole- in- the- wall restaurant where she had an unlikely incredible lunch. That evening, she asked her parents for money, hailed a cab and took her five (older) cousins back to the same restaurant. They loved the food as much as she did, and at that moment, Chin was convinced that she had to learn to cook. Born and raised in Singapore, Chin’s background included acting in Film and TV with Singapore’s Mediacorp Studios as well as the big screen in USA. Throughout her acting and singing career, Chin has won the title of Star Search Champion in Singapore, earned spots in FHM Singapore Magazine’s “100 Sexiest Women in the World,” and worked with actor/director Steven Segal.


     With several personal dreams to be fulfilled, including writing a novel and ice caving in Antarctica, Chin also wanted to open a restaurant, or a trailer in this case, incorporating her love for great food. Inheriting cooking skills from her mother, grandmother, and nannies, as well as experimenting on her own since the age of 7, Chin took her interest in cooking to the next level.


     Chin has brought not only unique cuisines to the Austin food trailer scene, but also to the lively Texan capitol as a whole. There’s nothing Chin loves more than eating with loved ones. With her trailer of delightful Asian noodle and rice dishes, she is able to share that passion.