DFG Noodle's slogan, "Go ahead, Get Addicted" says it all. DFG brings you the best of Southeast Asia combining the freshest ingredients with beautifully balanced flavors into a Dang Freaking Great bowl of grub!

Owner and Chef, Cheryl Chin, was born and raised in Singapore, the melting pot of Asia and also known as street food paradise. Cheryl's beginnings were humble: a factory worker in a picture frame sweat shop at the age of 16, a buss girl at a Mexican restaurant, and a cashier at Mr. Gattis. She became an entrepreneur at 18 and then went on to pursue her second dream of becoming an Actor, winning the Star Search Championship in Singapore. It was her acting career that led her to meet a famous Actor who saw the passion of cooking in her and offered her a position as his Private Chef. It was Cheryl's time as a Chef that lit a fire within to pursue her third dream: to open a restaurant. After her son turned three, she went to work building a humble food trailer business crowd funded by loved ones and everything she had left in the bank. She had no choice but to succeed.

Today, DFG employs a formidable team of proud Chefs that run a booming catering powerhouse, two food trucks, and corporate office pop-ups all over Austin. DFG serves an average of 1200 people a week with over 5000 customers on the loyal customer rewards program. DFG is consistently voted one of the top food trucks in Austin and shows no sign of slowing down. DFG is poised to open the first brick and mortar sometime in 2020 and plan to take over the world by getting people seriously addicted to their noodle bowls! Bwaahahahaha....