We are proud to implement a Covid prevention plan that goes above and beyond the norm to ensure the uncompromising health of our employees, our customers, and their loved ones. We would like to share our plan with you and the community to help establish safer practices during this challenging time. Some of these best practices have been adopted from Singapore, known to have the most thorough prevention plan in the world.


  • Employees are advised not to come to work when they have ANY symptoms at all and to inform us of the symptoms immediately and undergo self quarantine.
  • Prior to entry in the workplace, all employees are required to get their temperature taken outside of the building. The results are logged and any anomalies will result in the employee being sent home for a two week self quarantine.
  • Employees are asked of their whereabouts and this information is logged to ensure traceability should they come down with the illness.
  • Employees must go straight to the hand wash sink and wash their hands prior to touching any objects or surfaces at work.
  • Gloves must be worn at all times when handling any food and dry goods that will come into contact with customers including packing boxes. Hands must be washed as well as sanitized prior to taping up boxes.
  • All door handles in addition to every surface we already sanitize must be sanitized every hour.
  • Employees are strongly discouraged from going to large gatherings or busy public places. However if they have to, they must stay one arm's length away from others when possible.
  • Boxes are placed into the car with gloved hands and delivered with gloved hands.

You can be confident that we are doing our part and much more to contain the spread of Covid-19.